Preview The Hilly Road


I've killed you and buried you in my heart

From now on, I can't love you in life

Xuân Diệu, Vietnamese poet

While the war was raging in the early 70s, a young man left his home in Da Lat, a picturesque highland town in Central Vietnam where he spent his earlier years, for Saigon to continue his studies. There, he fell in love with his school friend's sister but the whirlwind of the fast paced materialistic Westernized life of the capital and his overwhelming loneliness led him down different roads. Could he find true love? First, he must love truly and truthfully. In the end he found the answer ... just in time.

The Hilly Road is BnKhoi's first story published in English after being translated from Con Duong Doc.


She looked at her own body.  It wasn't much different from a car, totally garaged and well-taken care of, shiny and impeccable, but hardly driven.  It wouldn't be long before wrinkles would start to show on that full face and then that sensual body and eventually all would wither and everything would droop.  What a waste!  Without hesistation, her hands reached to the back and unhooked her bra. She threw it on the floor and casually walked to the back courtyard.  She acted surprised.  "Oh, Huy.  You are not at school today?"  The young man jumped and turned around to see his landlady standing just a few steps away staring at him.  The water from the hose continued to flow down on his body to the ground.  She came closer while still staring at the young muscular body with just underwear on now sticking to his skin, showing all parts underneath.  Huy stuttered.  "Oh, I am sorry. I didn't know you were home. It was so hot so I thought I ..."  The amorous woman came closer and with her lustful voice said, "Let me shower you," and quickly snatched the hose from his hand.  He stood still without reacting.  She directed the nozzle from his head down to his ab and slowly to his lower body and stopped there.  "Let's clean it," she said still with her lustful voice and a provocative smile.  Quite clear of her intention, Huy yanked the hose back and squirted the water on her.  "Let's take a shower together. More fun that way."  Her thin white shirt now soaking wet showed her voluptuous chest, two curvy breasts moving up and down fast following her breathing.  The nipples were about to pierce through the cloth.  "You devil, she still continued with the provocation, you got me all wet."  He dropped the hose to the ground and gave her a dazed look, the look of a beast out of control.  Audacious just a minute ago, the woman now felt terrified.  She backed up until her back hit the wall.  With nowhere to run, she pressed her back against the brick wall, closed her eyes and then felt his whole body overtaking hers and his lips biting her neck.  Holding her breath, the woman tilted her head back and felt those lips travel down from neck to chest.  She opened her eyes to see the young man lustfully kissing her breasts moving his greedy lips from one nipple to the other.  He proceeded to unbutton her shirt, yanked it off the sex-starved woman's body and violently threw it away.  She opened her eyes wide to watch him staring at her naked chest.  She was in her forties but had breasts of a twenty year old.  He started to fondle them.  When he looked in her eyes, his eyes looked glassy and that scared her but at the same time excited her.  Who would think she could drive a young man, almost twenty years her junior, crazy.  She closed her eyes again and really began to enjoy every pleasurable second of it as the feeling of sexual desire and lustful satisfaction penetrated every cell, every gland, every organ in her.  When his kiss traveled down to her soft belly, he pulled her pants down with ease and eventually the tiny panties.  The landlady breathed more heavily as Huy's face moved to her groin.  She had to bite her lips to keep the groans from escaping.